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"Old Glory" (glory hole overdrive)

OldGloryTop1 copy 2.jpg

VERY impressed with this pedal. The tweaks to the original Blues Breaker circuit are just right, nothing that wasn't needed. Slightly more gain, a good bit more available volume (the original Marshall BB couldn't reach unity unless your gain was above noon!!), and a toggle to cut the high end if needed. Very nice.

Zero issues with this build. The layout is easy, parts count is pretty low. Highly recommended if you're looking a great low-medium gain OD without the midrange coloration you get with a Tube Screamer or Klon. Love this circuit.

You Tube Demo here (pre-boxing and very short.... controls were Tone at noon, Volume at 10 O'Clock, Gain at 2 O'Clock, Hi / Lo toggle set to Lo (High cut)):

More Pics and GutShot here: .