Passive A/B/Y Mockup Pedal - Arriving Soon!

saw that last night. what's the deal with the 8 pads near the battery compartment? buffered/isolated breakout board or something?
  • 9VDC only required for LED indicators (Battery or DC IN)
I know. what I mean is that there are 8 pads at the top edge of the battery space. I'm wondering if those are for a forthcoming buffer or iso module that allows the same pcb to be used as an active aby– can't think of what else those pads could possibly be there for since the battery connection is elsewhere
It's just for a row of pinheaders (installed on the bottom) to keep the battery from slipping under the PCB.
Where have I heard that one before?

Ahh yes, right here:

View attachment 11756

It goes right here. The purpose is to prevent the battery from falling inside the enclosure since the PCB sits a little higher than normal.

The board was originally going to use another method but that part has become hard (impossible) to find, so you'll need to clip four pins from the header and it'll drop right in.

Of course you don't need it if you don't plan to use a battery.

I'll post a pic of my build shortly.

I love utility boxes.