DEMO Stereophonic-BOSS CE-3 stereo chorus

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I've been talking with @zombie_rock123 for quite some time now. A mutual admiration a few years back on MBP lead to a friendship beyond just pedals and gear. One day while musing stereo effects of all things, we cooked up the CE-3 which is the first of a handful of joint ventures.

The Stereophonic is a faithful recreation of the CE-3 which is a stereo version of the CE-2. Well, stereo as in one of the outputs are inverted. Still, a decent spread and a lovely sounding pedal. Lucas did his magic with the layout and programmed the PIC for momentary bypass as well. A smashing job and a wonderful addition to stereo diy.

How's it sound? Like a stereo CE-2. In mode one, both outputs are the mixed wet signal, in mode two one output is dry and the other the full wet signal. If you run the pedal in mono out of the second output then you can use the mode switch to toggle between chorus and vibrato. The one mod I made was to shift the lfo rate a tad faster for vibrato mode. Stock its super slow in the first 1/3 of the pot rotation so nothing was really lost.

For the enclosure I went with a matte black tayda enclosure and UV print. I went with Daredevil and his Stereophonic hearing for the artwork. I think it came out pretty awesome. For the demo I tried to reimagine if come as you are was used with a CE-3 and not the small clone. Again, I extracted the stems and recorded all the guitars over myself.
So sippin' smooth. Love the bypass on board approach. One of these days I'll do relay…maybe.

😤 you earned that pride of the boss builds—own that !@#$ 🤘🤘🤘