Tommy III suddenly dead


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Hello forum community,
I have a strange error with the Tommy III board.
The Tommy worked great for 2 weeks and suddenly, activated no signal comes out. Bypass works.
I have already resoldered some spots and then everything worked again, until the next failure, from one day to the next, without even moving the pedal.
The foot switch seems ok, as I have operated it several times after the failure occured, without any change
Maybe somebody had similar problems or an idea where to start troubleshooting?

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Does the LED also go off when the signal fails? If so, it could it be a cold solder of a ground connection, so first thing I would check is your grounds, both on the pcb and the jacks. Another thing to ensure is that pots are not touching the PCBs causing a short.


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thanks for your answer. The LED always worked, but without any sound. I've checked every part (just by pressing on it carefully) and found a resistor with a cold soldering point (see picture).
Thans for your help!


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Don't you hate it when that happens? Had one pedal that eluded me and then...bam! There it was! Missing solder on a damn resistor lead! :p
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This may be an indicator for future troubleshooting for you. I had similar problems on my early builds: worked at first then crapped out due to cold solder joints