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I've used Diptrace for some very simple PCB's (rotary switch boards for example), but wanted to try something more ambitious.

Soooooo, here we have the usual Tonebender with a rat output, but I wanted to add a rotary switch for 4 clipping diode selections. Here's what I have so far, but I'm sure I've violated about 100 rules.

Diptrace Files

Rat Bender Rotary V1_2 Sch screenshot.png Rat Bender Rotary V1_2 layout screenshot.png
Dammit. I have my switch wired backwards 🙄

LEDs aren’t gonna light up with no power!
Your switch looks fine for the most part. Unless you're planning to wire up an offboard LED bypass indicator you'll want to switch the GND side with the footswitch. As drawn the selected LED is going to be always on.

The only other thing I see is that the wiper of your GAIN and FILTER pots are floating and will need to be tied to one of the other lugs of each pot.
Good catch. I’ll tie the wiper to pin 3 on both of those. Missed those in the schematic.

I just want the LED indicator to show what set of diodes are selected. Looks like I’ve got power going to the clipping diodes from the shared RLED and not the LED indicators in the pcb layout.

Also, ground plane on both sides, or just leave it as traces?
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Did you "Convert to PCB" from the schematic, or just manually draw the layout?

If you convert you can run a test to ensure that your layout matches the schematic and that no connections have been missed or made in error.
I did a convert to pcb, but manually placed the components. I get no errors when verifying or testing against the schematic.

I need to check my switch pattern though. It still seems incorrect.
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Added the pot connections and swapped the two rotary switch connections so the LED indicators were getting 9V.

Rat Bender Rotary V1_2 Sch screenshot.png