Which King of Tone do you have?


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Comparing the PedalPCB Paragon Mini and AionFX Theseus I noticed something different. The R16/R30 from Paragon is not in the Theseus. What does it do for this circuit?
I think that’s the difference between the PoT and the KoT. The KoT also lacks that resistor. I haven’t tried them side by side but from demos it may be that the PoT is a bit more compressed (with that resistor).


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I’ve built a KoT (Paragon) and a Protein (Pro-10). I also built a PoT (AionFX Achilles) and a King Tone Heavyhand (AionFX Xiphos). I ended up deciding on the use of individual pedals so that I can mix and match for more varied tones. The mix of a PoT with a Heavyhand is quite good. I also have a ODR-C clone that is really nice when matched up with a PoT.


Not a proper KOT but sort of KOT-adjacent: mine has a Morning Glory and Nucleon's take on the Bluesbreaker. The Morning Glory sounds great by itself and they sound excellent together.


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I got the PCB Guitar Mania kit from Das Musikding... and it actually works pretty well. Of course, I bought "as close to original" diodes as possible from The Netherlands...