Who's down for some SMD layouts?


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Just thinking about how much more we can squeeze into an enclosure with SMD components....

How many folks would be interested in some SMD projects?

I'm not talking BGAs and 0402 passives, we'd obviously try to stick to reasonable package sizes that can be hand soldered without the need for an oven...

Working up the layout for the Raincoat Module spoiled me, sooo much extra room to work with and spread out! And factoring in lead forming and cutting I think assembly was actually faster.
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I’d be up for it for sure! But It would have to be the right project. I mean I wouldn’t want to do a full smd board that’s just a Tube screamer or 250+.

But something like a digital delay with tap tempo? Or some other digital/analog hybrid stuff like chase audio? Ya, take my money.
I'm down. Not too thrilled about having to use MLCC caps for everything, though.
Another option I think would be cool would be a hybrid design, having JLCpcb pick and place most everything but the film caps, Ge didoes and other TBD parts people like to swap out or hand solder.
I actually prefer SMD now, it really cuts down the size and build time. I would probably build more if there were more SMD PCBs. Seems like this is how things are heading the SMD route anyways.
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I'd be interested if you offered a stencil for applying solder paste as an option, or as a download or part of the instructions.
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YES YES - and *please* make them just a *tiny* bit smaller to fit a 1590b.
All of my projects I've managed to shoehorn the 125B pcbs into 1590Bs and use top mount jacks and power (lumberg jacks work).
Sometimes sanding down the insides (2.25" boards) , sometimes cutting the sides of enclosures (2.35" boards).
SMD would be awesome - just keep the width less that 2.20" and I'd be in heaven!