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Here’s a mock-up of what my desk looks like:

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Well I’m moving at the end of the month, the place we’re going is empty and they don’t care if we start setting up ahead of time. I get my own pedal/guitar cave room in this place so I am over the top excited about it! Now all my stuff won’t be in the living room.

First things first is a proper workbench I am mounting in the little alcove corner by the window (proper ventilation!). Took a sheet of MDF and cut it to 30x70 and just clamped/glued/screwed leftover bits to double it up.

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More pics to come as progress is made.
Moving sucks but THAT is awesome!


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I'm new here, but I am pretty proud of my first little workspace, even if it isn't much at this time, so I wanted to share it here.

We moved in to this current house a little over a year ago. A few months ago I set up in the garage on a foldout table. I could only work for an hour or two at a time without killing my neck and back. The previous renter worked on dirt bikes in here, and built a stand up workbench against the back wall.

About a month or six weeks ago I finally took an afternoon to organize (part of) the garage to allow me to use the bench. Being able to stand up and work has been a game changer, not to mention that the space is now permanent. It is SO nice to not have to put everything away. That made getting started a chore.

My next job will be to get another rack to put all my brewing equipment in to so I can free up the space under the bench and I'm also going to put some pegboard up against the wall behind the bench. After seeing how well you have all use pegboard I'm in to it when I hadn't really considered it before.



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and a USB 'scope. I got the LabNation.

Good morning Mr. Bones. How would you rate the control gestures to adjust channel time, frequency, etc? It seems that alone would be a great benefit over the conventional controls.