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Here’s a mock-up of what my desk looks like:

Jovi Bon Kenobi

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Well I’m moving at the end of the month, the place we’re going is empty and they don’t care if we start setting up ahead of time. I get my own pedal/guitar cave room in this place so I am over the top excited about it! Now all my stuff won’t be in the living room.

First things first is a proper workbench I am mounting in the little alcove corner by the window (proper ventilation!). Took a sheet of MDF and cut it to 30x70 and just clamped/glued/screwed leftover bits to double it up.

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More pics to come as progress is made.
Moving sucks but THAT is awesome!


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Now the real fun begins.

I have 2 half stacks and about 10 guitars to put in here too. And a synth setup. I’m going to need more shelving.