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    Multiwave mega, anyone?

    Can’t wait to see that robot porn!
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    CONTEST TC1 - Oh my TVC15

    Congrats to all the winners! *scrolls up* Wait, I won? I just like having fun with these contests. Huge thank you and shoutout to @fig for putting these contests together!!
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    TUTORIAL PedalBlock Tone Control - Gimme All The Muffs!

    My lazy answer is try it and find out on your breadboard! I don't have this ready to go on my board right now to experiment, but I will speculate here. 100k is pretty much the standard for Muff tone pots with a handful of exceptions. The purpose of the pot is to alter the resistance between the...
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    The Protoboard Chronicles: Building a Blender

    What is the purpose of the buffer here? I'm just getting around to reading this
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    Tayda Hand Tools

    I bought these on my last Tayda run. Gotta say for $0.60 they’re pretty good. Anybody else have any Tayda tools they’d recommend?
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    Mammoth deviator…

    I was browsing through there site to order some 2n5484s last night. Saw the free pcb and added an enclosure, switches, and pots. My $8 order turned into $20 with shipping. I have a stripboard version of this and not 100% satisfied (octave switch worked before boxing it up and now it doesn’t)...
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    In Transit…

    I have never had a lost shipment. Late shipments, definitely. Push comes to shove you can always reach out to small Bear and let them know what happened
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    Tommy III suddenly dead

    This may be an indicator for future troubleshooting for you. I had similar problems on my early builds: worked at first then crapped out due to cold solder joints
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    CONTEST TC1 - Oh my TVC15

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    My Protoboard

    Also, when are you going to finish that puzzle?!?!
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    My Protoboard

    I love how this build is to get ready for other builds 😂
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    IC Chip Storage

    For ICs I find that using a pill organizer from Walmart does the job. I have a few of them in a drawer. No issues for me
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    Distortion + vs. DOD 250…

    What are your in/out caps at? Stock values are too treble-y for me
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    Distortion + vs. DOD 250…

    I liked red LED and 4148s for asymmetrical clipping
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    TUTORIAL What Are All Those Symbols? - Intro to Schematic Reading

    Exactly. Just make sure you're not plugging anything else into your breadboard on that row! Depending on the opamp you may want to simply ground out the unused pins to reduce noise