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    Accurate pedalboard

    hey @PedalPCB , please add "Danny Devi-Tone" to the wishlist. Just spitballing here, but MKII could simply be "Danni Devo-Tone"...
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    Pythagoras L78L33 Temperature

    Did you end up cooking the L78L33? Turns out I just did the same thing with my Leprechaun / Rainbow Machine. Thought I'd poke around the forum before I start poking around on my build. Thanks!
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    It's Friday, you can thank me later!

    A timely ZZ Top tribute, on the same theme of @droneshotfpv 's vid. Both are top contenders for this category, as far as I'm concerned. Always take your passion to the stage!
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    When your hobbie is to assemble pedals but you live in europe

    My stucked stories have been self-afflicted. I recently ordered CD4024s, instead of CD4049s. Double check your lists, and buying in bulk has been the biggest helper for me. Hang in there on waiting, comrade!
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    Partscaster build

    Awesome! Looking forward to this, I've been on the fence of this type of project for a while... and then just bought a tele. ;) Topics that come to mind: - sources for diff parts, and your preferences - what did you DIY/fabricate, what did you source out (ex, built the body? bought the neck...
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    CDXL Classic?

    For what it's worth, I built the reissue - it's great! The up/down switch is fun, and the parts were way easier to source. That VTL5C4 is a stinker to find in the classic edition. ;)
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    BEHOLD! My Cepheid Build, made with science

    mind = blown. thanks @Stickman393 ! just went down a merry faraday cage rabbit hole. what kind of cable do you use for this, just plain 'ol instrument cable with the outer vinyl removed?
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    Katana - pop when engaging boost switch

    +1 tasteful houseplant
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    BEHOLD! My Cepheid Build, made with science

    Can you go into some further detail on that? I got two fun yet ticky pedals (Sea Horse and Chaos Machine), this seems like a nice fix. A - what's going on here? how to you split the tip/sleeve signals and send that to the board? B - where is the sleeve signal going, if not in these spots? C...
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    Stepped Bit / Progressive Bit

    @Paradox916 - bingo! I got the DeWalt 1/2" step bit - fits everything I need.
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    What plectrum does everyone use?

    I've been a historic picker (dunlop greens .88mm)... and a nail-biter. I've dabbled with a bit of finger picking, but it never sounded good because of the stumpy nubs. Upsides to the pandemic: I thought it was a good time to stop putting my fingers in my mouth. Finder picking with nails is so...
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    @almondcity is on it. Sometimes, if you can't find the exact right size, you can just lay things on their sides. I get creative when I have the right valued parts, but they are a funky size. If you scroll through enough build reports, you'll find some sideways parts, for sure!
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    shopping list - efficient buying - easy system to pick and add components

    Check out this post I made a while back - I stumbled on a blog post explaining the weird patterns to all the values of the common parts. There's a reason for those oddball values, turns out! I got curious again, because the E3, E6, E12 thing didn't stick the first time I found this out, this...
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    Anyone here had shoulder surgery? A long and winding lamentation.

    I've had two knee surgeries, and have dealt with some chronic backpain. I was about to write this, but @Dan M has us covered. PT diligence pays off, even though in the moment it can feel futile. Doesn't hurt to work out both sides, too. After I rebuilt all the the muscles in my surgery leg, the...
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    Post your abysmal enclosure finishing failures.

    Fitler - first build, made two for a pal and myself. :ROFLMAO:🙃