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    Best Power Supply

    I asked the same question a bit ago, here's a link to that thread. Overall, folks did like the following power supplies. I'm likely going to go for the CS7. Strymon Zuma Trutone CS7, CS12 Voodoo Labs - Pedal Power 2 Plus, ISO4, 4x4, ISO 5, Pedal Power MONDO Some folks have also had success...
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    A ringmod

    +1 for Randy's Revenge, my pal just got one and it's amazing
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    let's see your pedalboard!

    Great ideas, everyone! Thanks for the inspiration, it's great to hear how you're all using your pedals out in the wild (as "out in the wild" we can get these days). The band I'm in finally got our home studio set up a couple months ago, complete with isolation booths. Our "sophisticated"...
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    Blue Breaker, Awful Waffle and Mach 1 Overdrive

    those are some clean builds!
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    let's see your pedalboard!

    haha - you're right, you're right! i'm still undecided on so many of the routes i can take, which is why i've have pipedreams about the megaboard... someday i'll hone in on the right sound... but for now - gotta go mega!
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    let's see your pedalboard!

    for my setup - i'm thinking at 10-12 pedals, i'm gonna need a buffer in there, yeah? i was going to box up a single c-buffer for that. what have you folks done about loooooooong pedal chains?
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    let's see your pedalboard!

    i tossed together a starter board a while ago, and it's suited me pretty well. but, i've built too many pedals, still got a few more to go, and i wanna use all of them. see? too many pedals for that little sucker! so, i'm thinking of building a ~32 x 16" pedalboard / case. kinda huge, but why...
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    Percolation Station Help!

    Photos will help us, try to get some and post them. I know a handful of folks (me included) have built/tinkered/modded this one - so we'll be able to assist with some shots. Couple questions off the top: LED working when boxed? Absolutely nothing when the pedal is engaged? No fuzz or noise? Do...
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    spare parts working in mysterious ways...

    shoddy knob broke on the hood vent, and a blue chicken-head found a new spot to roost. might have to find a replacement for the other one, i'm thinking orange.
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    Super Stevie Six

    Looks real clean, as usual, @Barry ! I know it's been asked before... where do you get those slick connections (2-wire power and 4-wire stomp switch)?
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    Universal Audio & LUNA - has anyone tried it yet?

    Ha! Dead-on analogy. We originally got a PC workstation for the Apollo unit we have, and there was a host of connectivity issues. Switched to a Mac, and first try everything worked. We were using Reaper somewhat successfully, but ran into a few hiccups here and there with headphone cues and...
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    Universal Audio & LUNA - has anyone tried it yet?

    I've been playing around with the new LUNA (new DAW from Universal Audio). It's pretty impressive so far, intuitive and totally integrated with the I/O we got setup (Apollo x8p). The DAW is so new, updates are rapidly coming down the pike. So far, it's a total winner in my book, given that is...
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    CDXL reissue (DOD440) trimpots to full size pots?

    Once I got the internally trimpots dialed in - we were all good. I think initially, I had some extreme settings with the trims with the switch in the "down" mode, and the pedal sounded all out of whack. Once I realized I could dial things back, it was fun to intentionally manipulate/bludgeon...
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    Percolator 2N404 help

    What's been said here has worked for my double build (one for me, one for pal). I had to trial a few different PNP/NPN combos until I settled on something I liked. Small Bear had a smattering of different transistors, so I snagged a handful just to play around with it. Some worked better than...
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    6-band EQ

    Would be be OK to blast one square hole in the center of the enclosure, instead of (a) waiting for the pre-drilled enclosures or (b) attempting to make the slits? That way there's more room for error? I figure the faceplate will be stiff and sturdy enough on the top... Might be a fool hardy...