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    Hydra Modifications Thread

    I'll be adding a clock module with an external B10k pot and a faceplate from AmplifyFUN with an extra hole for that knob once the pcb comes in. Probably toss some black switch caps on for visual #toan 😤
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    PCB trade

    Please delete if we don't allow this but.. I have a bunch of pcb's I'm just never gonna get to. If anyones interested, I'd trade em all for an ElectroVibe pcb + Toggle Switch Faceplate. If there are any weird components for these lmk and I'll toss em in. Wrectifier Distortion Mesmerizer...
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    First "real" pedal

    @giovanni I love it, getting lost in a single preset for almost an hour before realizing there are 3 others within the mode. It really is a separate instrument. If you're looking at the preorder date every day, just get it. The longer you wait the longer it's gonna take (although mine did come...
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    First "real" pedal

    Finally got my first pedal that's not a project from here or a chase bliss that I got by trading projects from here 😁 Gonna be pavin the rhodes through this thing all weekend. Gut shot coming when I'm done playing with it. I think I gotta take off the nuts and knobs to open it up. Anyone into...
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    New Affordable UA interfaces

    I'm also in the market for an interface. Does anyone here have experience with PCI(E) sound card setups? I'm thinking RME HDSP 9632 + Behringer ADA8200 via optical. It's hard for me to justify another usb interface when that setup is cheaper than an apollo x, plus, I don't use any UAD plugins...
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    Pure Data / Pd

    @justin23000 it looks like you haven't installed python & pip on your computer
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    DIY OB-X

    They have a sidewalk sale going on for anyone in LA. I recommend all synth nerds follow their IG. Lots of knowledge gets dropped there
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    DIY OB-X

    @bowanderror that's what I'm thinking, not sure how else one would interface with it, wish it had midi lmao
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    DIY OB-X

    Has anyone here built one of these?! Been following rosen forever but just found out they make a freekin single voice synth kit.
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    Suggestions for Soldering an FV-1 Chip

    yeah everything @SYLV9ST9R recommended, especially taking your time! Send it on a first try Friday, I think the fv1 chips are pretty strong if I haven't burned one yet Tack and reflow the opposite corners and you're good. I personally wouldn't reccomend drag soldering, maybe I'm missing...
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    Woohoo!... Hydra boards in stock! [PSA]

    Moment of silence for mr PedalPCB presoldering a million fv1 chips after this drought :LOL:
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    finding FV-1 chip?

    Any ideas on the difference in complexity for FXCore vs. SHARC? The barrier to entry for FXCore seems a little steep for what it's capable of, like, external DACs, another dialect of assembly, limited resources & support. I'm wondering if it'd be worth investing extra effort for SHARC upfront?
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    CV Output for LFO

    Haven't made any progress on building something with a microcontroller but found some really cool modules. Braindump: I wish I could put together something like an electric druid VCLFO 10 Chip, 1p8t rotary, and toggle sw (to flip between sets of 8...
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    CONTEST $100 Small Bear Gift card

    I heard they have $1 pizzas? 100 1 dollar pizzas one hundred one dollar pizzas that's 1-800-100-1dollar-pizzas I can stop thinking about that many slices of pizza
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    CONTEST $100 Small Bear Gift card

    pots, wire, and lamps for Electrovibe! (Am I the only one who gets the sampler wire bc it's the cheapest way to get multiple colors? 😬)