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    Recently Tayda website doubles order?

    Just started a big order and I'm seeing this too. You're not crazy
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    Spin FV-1

    Just bought 4 here myself. Thanks for the heads up and asking the question!
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    CONTEST Happy Day Turkey!

    Back story: my brother has had seizures that have increasingly worsened for about 13 years causing havoc on his frontal lobe's development and speech center in his brain. He recently had a procedure involving lots of holes and needles. Procedure was beneficial for many reasons and has brought...
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    CONTEST TC1 - Oh my TVC15

    74 hFE Thank you in advance for the fun!
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    Favorite builds that run on 18 volts?

    i can only say this because i have seen it multiple places and plan to do it myself. i am building a Pauper (POT) clone and i have seen that a lot of people seem to really like it run on 18V.... but maybe they are all wrong.... thats the fun when it is all subjective.
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    Walrus Audio Ages?

    The five-position rotary knob offers the following gain states: I. Low-gain mode with symmetric silicon soft clipping. Compressed and smooth. II. Low-gain mode with symmetric LED soft clipping. Pushed, open, and sparkly. III. High-gain mode with symmetric silicon soft clipping. Increased...
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    Maxon/Ibanez SD-9

    I wouldn't dare to complain either way.
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    Maxon/Ibanez SD-9

    i know there are other companies out there who have a pcb for this, but lets be real... id rather spend my money on PedalPCB anyday. it would be super cool to have a pcb with something similar to the Analogman mods (BBBoost or Super Mod). *edit: i tried to run through all of the pages of the...
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    Thorpy The Dane

    i hope to soon purchase more thorpy based pcbs in it. The Dane is by far one of the coolest ones in their lineup. i also would love to see it show up on here.
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    Wish List

    i comb through pedalpcb (especially the drive pedals) at least weekly just dreaming of when i will have the time and money to buy more. i likely would make several lists of different types that i could add to my cart from. also an option to add the whole list to the cart may be nice because then...