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    Water slide decal question

    Not sure there is anyway to make them stick on curves, I struggled with that as well. Finally just started making them a bit smaller so everything stayed on the flat surface.
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    VFE Klein Bottle Redesign pre-orders

    Still not sure how I will use it but wanted a kit for a while thanks for the heads up.
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    Beat me to it 😁
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    Sourcing a CH341A

    Ran into the same problem. Bought two of the cheap programmers on eBay and used the chip from one of them. Put a small flathead screwdriver under the edge of the chip and heated the legs. Popped off pretty clean.
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    let's see your pedalboard!

    Here we go.....still need to add some art to many of these. Twin face -> War Scythe -> Pauper -> Tube Driver -> Super Stevie -> Malificent Mids -> Dirtbag -> Engineers Thumb -> Cornish buffer -> Gyravibe -> Cherry Pie -> Circulator -> Arachnid -> FV-1 Dev -> Sonomatic -> Dark Rift -> Cataclysm...
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    One of the easier builds I've completed, just take your time drilling as there are a lot of holes on this one, Used a dremel and cutting wheel to make the hole for USB and cleaned up with files. Tested a few programs and worked fine first try. Now to learn how to write some new effects for it...
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    Etching with electricity (How I do it)

    I've done the q-tip method with an old computer power supply. I have not tried painting after the etch but plan to try it before removing the mask next time.
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    Dark Rift Delay

    I've been lurking and building for a while, thought I would share some of the builds. :) No issues with this build. My first time using acrylic paint markers came out better than I had thought but my handwriting is terrible. Pretty wild sounding delay, should be fun.
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    125b Pedal Risers Anyone?

    Could go the other route and change the patch cables. I have been looking at the SquarePlug SPS4 connectors: Not cheap, but look really nice and would fix the problem. If you absolutely need right angle the SP400 plugs might fit as well.
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    Looks great. I used the same etching technique on two pedals so far but they are not as dark as yours. Look forward to seeing your tutorial.
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    Arachnid/FV-1 clock module question

    It will fit. I've done this with an Arachnid as well as the FV1 dev PCB. The orange one is the dev board and the pink is the Arachnid. Also added the small toggle switch to the Arachnid for switching between the internal FV1 programs.
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    Source of FV-1 programs?

    Curious if there has been any progress on making the PedalPCB FV-1 programs available for us to flash ourselves?