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    Pcb ID by number

    Thank You!¡!
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    Pcb ID by number

    What about this one?¿ It doesn’t have any numbers on it and I forgot which one it was…
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    Lumberg VS SBP house brand power jacks

    Everyone of mine from tayda strip out before they’re close to tight… I ended up trying to glue them in place… They’re horrible…
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    Big Monk Pi - Gilmour Monk’s Head

    Have you tried some originals ?¿ I have some I could send you…
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    6 Band EQ - Slider pot question...

    I’m not really sure Tayda had them when I built mine…
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    Effect pedal units converted for rack effect set up for a synth?

    There are places that have kits for building Eurorack stuff if that’s what you’re talking about… I made a fuzz module and some simple switching modules before…
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    Deflector Reverb

    Search reverb there might be one on there?¿
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    MOSFET body diode

    Nice!!! I was actually wondering this the other day!!!
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    Twin face

    Yep just 0 ohm
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    Thoughts on Tayda IC's?

    Yeah I’ve bought tons of ICs from em and I haven’t had a bad one yet…
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    SOLVED Germanium Diode directionality?

    Hey.. Yeah it’s directional.. The black stripes should mark the cathode (negative) side… If you have a multimeter you can test and see which side is which… But on all didoes I’ve seen, except Russian ones, the stipe(s) mark the cathode…
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    Random pix

    Is that it on the left side in the middle?¿
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    Random pix

    Back when knobs were knobs… Lol