Abyss build power issues


Hi All. I'm building my second Abyss pedal build and am running into some issues, which I can't seem to resolve.

Here's where I'm at:
- I'm getting signal in bypass, but no sound when switch is engaged
- Front LED light works when pedal is engaged
- I swapped the switch and rewired that, thinking that was the issue, but it didn't help
- I had plugged in a 12V power adapter at one point by mistake when testing
- I'm new to voltage testing and reading schematics, but started tracing from the + and noticed the diode (D1) wasn't getting and voltage. I swapped that diode out and now I'm getting 9.28v from both sides, but no power beyond that (C9, IC1, IC2, etc)
- I swapped out the ICs (in case they got toasted), but still no power reading from any IC points
- Lastly, someone suggested cleaning the PCB with isopropyl alcohol, which left some residue around the connectors

Is it possible that I bricked the PCB by plugging in that 12V power? Any thoughts on what else to do?

Here's the link to the schematic: https://docs.pedalpcb.com/project/Abyss.pdf



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Good thread - glad it got solved. Is the take-away here too much heat or was something else the culprit for damaging the traces?
From my experience (and especially on the boards I’ve etched and drilled myself )just a little too much time on a solder can be enough to lift the pad off the board but not enough to see it until you use magnification and continuity checks. And as I continue on troubleshooting turning the board over and over that unseen lifted pad or trace gets weaker everytime it moves and usually breaks and still can’t be seen with the eye. If I can’t see it with my eye I continuity check everything first eliminating any connection problems from the starts (better than just reflowing every joint( what if you still suck at soldering? Quite possible you make things worse by lifting another pad or creating unwanted solder bridges etc.
If you don’t already have one get yourself a lighted magnifier (too many years of not having one could’ve saved me so so many headaches


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A good troubleshooting thread is like a good novel. There's plot twists and turns, a few blind alleys and red herrings, some real clues thrown into the mix. Nice plot progression, and a good outcome in the end. Probably some character development as well.


Hey All. Here’s my pedal in action.

This pedal has the deepest of meaning to me. It was created to honor my daughter Penelope (Penny) who passed away in 2016 at the age of 2.5 suddenly of Menengitis. Even at her young age, music played a big part in her life. She would bop around every time I would play music, would always walk around with her purple ukulele, and even loved to sing Purple Rain. Each penny on this pedal is a special penny that we found in special, often random, places since she passed.

Even though she’s not here physically with us, her light and spirit are around our family, others who knew her, and others beyond that. I can’t help but think she’s behind some of the kindness that appears in my life. Thank you again for all who took the time, and extended kindness to help a stranger. Special shout-out to @music6000


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