ADHD with enhanced bypass - aka Lunar Dust


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This has to be my favorite pedal that I have built so far. I liked it so much that I built it twice -- I "loaned" my first one to our lead guitarist, and he begged me to let him keep it, so I built another one for myself.

I bought the first one because a friend gave me his broken OCD to fix. I was having trouble getting it working, so I bought this one as a back up. Eventually I was able to get the OCD fixed, and for a while, I had both the ADHD and the OCD to do a side-by-side comparison. Without a doubt @Robert nailed this one, and in my opinion the ADHD sounds better than the OCD. I'm not entirely sure which version I built since the build documentation hasn't been posted yet, but I built it based on what was printed on the PCB. The only mod I made was to swap out the A500K drive pot with an A1M because that was what was in the OCD.

The first one I built was in a white enclosure with black knobs, but I think I like this cream colored enclosure with the cream colored knobs better.

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Your enthusiasm for this has convinced me to add this to my wish list, improved input board and all.

This is a nice clean build, the board looks like a tight fit.
Yeah, I love this one. The board is a slightly tight fit mostly because I only had 50v 1u caps instead of the 25v that the build called for. As a result, I had to use a compact foot switch. It probably would have fit regardless, but I wanted to use the chrome foot switch bevel, which required me to recess the foot switch more than usual. There's nothing too tight on this build.