Animals Diamond Peak Overdrive - Chuck's Boneyard Version


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I just finished Chuck's version (thread here) of the Animals Diamond Peak Overdrive and it sounds absolutely killer.
Not a single bad sound in it! Absolutely impressive and a must build for everyone, in my opinion.
It transitions beautifully from clean to dirty, and all controls are very usable.
I had no low gain Si transistors, so I had to use a couple (socketed) 2n3904's, but I'll replace those when I order parts.
I also had to replace the jfet, and gain was lower, but adjusting R2, R4 and C3 I could get close enough in terms of gain and frequency response (or so tells me LTspice).
Outside was linocut printed.
(Album is Ascensão by Black Pantera, a brazilian Crossover Thrash band)

Here are the Spice plots of the jfet substitution: green is the 2n4393 and red is using 2sk246Y (with parameters adjusted to match my measured Vp and Idss)