Anyone using a Brother to etch?(Monochrome printer)

air bubbles, definitely getting better though!
I used a paneling roller, but it's a little cumbersome. Have a smaller rubber roller coming from Ali. Decent etch, wish it was deeper. But I started seeing bits of stuff flakeing off. Turns out it was the PVC glue and nail polish. The PVC glue I had on hand(white all purpose) didn't hold up that well. When it lifted, it started pulling the nail polish around the edges.
Edit: lighting glare^^^
Re: etchant, I came across this method when I was first starting out:
It’s not super fumey once mixed (the muriatic acid on its own is mostly what you need to be careful with), it’s endlessly reusable (just top it up with a dash more peroxide and/or acid now and then), and it gives a good quick consistent etch.

As an aside, I sometimes see references in etching tutorials saying stuff like “safe to dump down your drain” or “do this to neutralize it before you dump it down your drain”. You can pretty much render anything chemically neutral enough to not eat up your drain one way or another, but it’s still got super fine dissolved metal particles in it that shouldn’t go down the drain (and eventually end up in rivers and streams, after they’ve not necessarily been captured by waste-water processing).

Like I said, I just keep reusing the etchant anyway, but I do periodically run it through a paper coffee filter inside of a little plastic colander. Cleans up the etchant to keep it working good. And those tiny metal bits go into the regular trash rather than the water supply.
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^ your edges look nice and sharp.

I like a deep etch myself. But it’s always a balancing act. Leave it in too long and you start losing that crisp, fine detail…
Thanks. I started seeing some black specs in the etchant, gave it a little more time and once they increased, I pulled it.
Would have definitely preferred it deeper. I made a mistake and didn't rewipe the enclosure right before applying the transfer and I think duct got in there. All a learning process but good progress from the last attempt. I think I'm close to getting the temp/time of the iron worked out. Was way over doing it before.