Buddy’s Box ‘o Metal


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I did a dry fit by hand and super excited. I should let this sit for a bit (really? Longer?) to know what I want. I think labeling each knob may be too much and take away from the crackle.


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Mk I. Was just a quick sketch but this is kind of the direction I’m thinking. I’m thinking white border and fill in with both yellow or blue to match the knobs.


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Chipping away. Filled in the letters and outlined. May need another coat of white. Still debating if I should fill in with color.
I would thin the paint down and make a wash and kind of hit the corners of the letters making a sort of shadowing effect in color. Does that makes sense?


Breadboard Baker
So, I tried the shading effect that @jjjimi84 suggested and it didn't work very well. I need to keep practicing that and may try on a different project or scrap piece. I decided to fill in the block lettering with solid colors and outlined in with an acrylic pen. I'm gonna let this sit for a day or two before sealing it up with some clear coat. For now, I think this is done, but want to make sure before committing.