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I'm a fan of the Buzzaround and have build a few variations of that circuit (Fuzzdog, D*A*M, Dunwich, and the Dizzy Elk, if that counts ... and maybe even more). So, when I saw that the mastermind @Chuck D. Bones was giving the circuit his treatment in the Boneyard, I read that thread and then reached out to @finebyfine, asking for a PCB, which I got. A BIG thanks to the both of you !!! I'll just say it again: this place rules.

As does the pedal. It sure has that Buzzaround attitude, kinda rude and in yer face. As for component selection: I used sockets for all transistors and the diode, just in case I needed or wanted to play around with those. Then I put a BC109C (as recommended) into Q1, a MP38A into Q2, a J111 (as recommended) into Q3 and a Russian D311, I think, into D1.

Turned it on and BOOM - sounds great out of the gate. I didn't even bother to try other components so far.
I prefer the TIMBRE on the bass side, of course. There are a few notes on bass at the end of this post.

For graphics, I considered a nod to the designer for a hot minute, but nothing I came up with around "bones" or "chuck" (norris, that killer doll) was cool enough (in my opinion), so in the end, it's just a Sleep Astronaut thing. Sorry.