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Well-known member
That looks slick. Love the fatty knobs. Is that a sheet of nori underneath? Makes me want to roll it up and eat it.
it’s a piece of rug...lol....Wanted to try something different...it sounds good.

I might build that one you built down the road ...that one was sweet !

Chuck D. Bones

Well-known member
Another nice clean build. Optical compressors don't have a huge amount of gain, that's why they're quiet. I have a Boss CS-3, and an EHX Black Finger, so I won't be building any compressor pedals.


Well-known member
This is the first compressor I've had that didn't suck the life out of you tone. Sounds really great , trim pot set half way, Compress 9:30 ish...level 1:30...it gives you a nice clean boost somewhat don't know what db but really impressed with it.... build one !