Electrovibe Mini build report


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Nice build and great sounding vibe, no need to buy one from JHS when you can build it yourself to your own liking.

I had a tiny issue with a broken trace I found when measuring continuity on the PCBs. The trace between the 1n5817 and 47uf wasn’t working but when I made a small bridge from the 1n5817 to the copper trace underneath close to the 1n5817 it gave continuity again. Luckily that was before I populated the PCBs.

I applied the 2u2/1uf tantalum and 1.5k speed resistors mod from @Big Monk which worked great to have lower and higher speeds.
I also applied the unity mod using 4,7M and 6,8k. I used 2n5088 but did use a higher HFE in Q1.

IMG_9172.jpeg IMG_9175.jpeg IMG_9176.jpeg
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