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Favorite FV-1 programs


What are your favorite FV-1 programs from PedalPCB or on the web?

Building the Arachnid pedal and just curious which 8 to load in.



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I generally avoid reverb but Iove the Deflector FV-1. One of those effects where you have to admit "THAT is a cool sound"


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I like the kaleidoscope delay (also called daydream), and the unison dual detune patch for a chorus sound without the warble (somewhat similar to Keeley 30ms, but not exactly).

The spatialist patches are great too, like the cavern a lot.


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I agree on the Kaleidoscope, Glimmer and Unison.

There are also a ton of fun patches you can grab and flash to an EEPROM yourself via this page:

Here’s a funky one I wrote recently that’s kind of fun.

Nice! I'll check it out. Thanks!


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Not yet built but I bought the EEPROM with those:

EEPROM Builder
  • Program 0:
    DLY002 - Modulated Delay
  • Program 1:
    DLY003 - Tape Delay
  • Program 2:
    DLY005 - Space Delay
  • Program 3:
    DLY006 - Kaleidoscope
  • Program 4:
    FIL002 - Sample Hold Filter
  • Program 5:
    FIL003 - Filter Modulator
  • Program 6:
    UNI002 - Unison (Modulated)
  • Program 7:
    UNI003 - Unison (Double Take)
I built out the D3lay which includes the Tape Delay, Mod Delay, and Space Delay. Here are what those sound like and how the parameter knob effects them: