FD Death Drive & another vero Fuzz O)))


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Two pedals that will end up with friends.

I grabbed the Death Drive ( = Life Pedal wihout the boost) while shopping for Devi stuff on Fuzzdog.
Story here is, my friend ordered a limited edtion Life Pedal, paid $65 for shipping overseas and then they didn't put the correct name/address on it (it's actually a German "Umlaut"-story, ha-ha), so the pedal went back to them and they were just like "You can pay those $65 again and we'll send it again, .... or just get a refund for the pedal".

Well, refund it was and so, here it is, the "replacement", nothing too fancy, some tantalums, has an OP07 in there. I did match de GE diodes though, the octave is pretty strong. Otherwise, it sounds cool, because it's a rat.

DeathD.jpeg DeathD-g.jpeg

This is another Fuzz O))), which is a basically a Meathead with some caps on a switch and some sort of pregain control.
Sounds really good too, on bass and guitar, I gave the first one I made to my guitar playing friend for a test drive ... and it hasn't left his board since.
Hence this, his choice of graphics, he's totally nuts about Haru Nemuri, I already had to put her on another pedal (Fran Peach) I made for him.

fuzzo))2.jpeg fuzzo))2g.jpeg