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Input Section Ideas


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Input Section Ideas - The First Thing Your Guitar Signal Touches Can Affect The Whole Sound

The are some various ideas out there what you can do with the input section in any circuit. Normally, we would see a coupling capacitor of some kind and perhaps a resistor. The capacitor is a bit more important though to get "clean" AC signal. The resistor can be in series with the capacitor or be shunted to ground (input impedance affected as well as RC filter). Caps shunted to ground attenuate the highs and/or unwanted RF signal.

If you've followed some of my breadboard tutorials so may...

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Excellent information, as always. A couple of questions;

You mentioned resistance as part of the input section. Is the resistance used to set the circuit's input impedance? I'm thinking yeah, but how would a wannabe designer calculate such a value?

Is there a rule of thumb for decoupling capacitance in the input section? I've seen anywhere from 1u-100u (in pedal circuits)

The first pedal I built was an Experimental F-Face from Uraltone, which is basically a fuzz face with a pre-gain control (so input pot). It's actually really nice for a fuzz face since you can do the "hendrix clean" style sound of a dialed back guitar volume going into a FF by just stomping on it, not necessary to tweak your guitar volume.
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It means that pin was too much of a square for anyone to want to hook up with him.