JFETS, matching etc.

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Ok.. Tayda jfets are jfets.. thats' t the meter probably.
Those cheap LCR meters are not the best choice for JFET measuring. I have one and do not use it for jfets because readings are off.

Mourguitars - can you measure the same transistors with this simple setup?
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Be damned sure you have a FET and it's hooked up the right way. Hook it up wrong or try that with a BJT and you could burn it up. If you want to do this safely, put a 10K resistor between the battery + terminal and the JFET drain.

Respect to the guys at Runoffgroove!
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I sent Mr Pedalpcb a pic that I can’t upload , but I wrote down all the readings..I got readings all over the place like CDB said above I had FETs and BJTs so I didn’t want to do that test other than the meter

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I've never worried about any protection because I have dedicated adapter for smd, socket for through hole and I do not mix bjt and fet stuff ;)
But of course it's a good advice.