Kloned Kentrosaurus Block 3 Mini Build Report


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Not so much a build report from the ground up, but improving a build going forward...

The Kloned Kentrosaurus is one my favorite pedals. I'd initially built several using the South Obolon FX Kent Rev 2 board. Then my friend updated the board with the Steggo logo and Kloned Kentrosaurus name and I've used that PCB for all subsequent builds. It's an amazing board, but there was only one drawback. As the Klon is a buffered effect, I didn't have a suitable daughter board for the LED and stomp switch, so the production dinos had to hand wire each pedal. Since the pedal has proved popular, I figured it would save time if there was a suitable daughter board that would enable the use of ribbon cable and reduce the lengths of hookup wire in the enclosure - so Steggi went to work in EasyEDA and came up with something amazing!

Block 3 Kentrosaurus - 01.jpg

The new daughter board is spaced to allow all the four primary connections coming off of main board to be attached to the daughter board with a standard ribbon cable (though you do have to cut the plastic between the leads when attaching it to the main board). There are two other wires coming from other parts of the PCB that are still connected to the daughter board with hook-up wire, but they now attach to pads on the daughter board rather than having to be wired to the switch directly. The LED is also now wired directly to the daughter board as well.

Kloned Kentrosaurus - SN01 - 02.jpg

As you can see from the image above, the early Kentrosaurus builds had a fair amount of spaghetti inside because everything was hand wired to the switch and LED. The new daughter board eliminates a lot of that.

Kentrosaurus B Stock - 02.jpg

The new board also saves a fair amount of time as running ribbon cable is a lot faster than individually cutting and stripping hook-up wire... well at least for me... err, the production dinos!

Original blog entry: https://steggostudios.blogspot.com/2023/11/kloned-kentrosaurus-block-3-mini-build.html