DEMO MBP KingMaker Flanger (Pearl FG-01) Demo added

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New flanger project from the @bean !

I didn't know anything about it but when I saw it in the "New Projects" section of the MBP catalog I be like, "new analog flanger from MBP? No brainer" and it went in the cart... :p

I'll circle back around and add a demo at some point comparing this to some of the other MBP flangers. It's an interesting flanger. I've not heard anything quite like it before.

It can get super crazy with the oscillation if you set it up that way. At the tamer settings it's not unlike an Electric Mistress in that there's a healthy bit of chorus going on. It's got more "whoosh" than the Current Lover but not as much as the Boss BF-2.
It's also got that really hollow, metallic quality in some settings.

I've been having a lot of fun making noise with it but haven't quite figured out how to make anything remotely "musical" with it yet. (Hence no demo).

For me, the flanger I always reach for when I want a touch of flange is the MBP Current Lover. I still find the Electric Mistress the most "musical" of all the flangers I've built. (Boss BF-2 "Byzantium" coming in second).

I would recommend this build for anyone into analog flangers, definitely worth building!

The board supports both the 3207/3102 or 3007/3101 BBD clock pairings. I wound up using the CoolAudio V3207/V3102 BBD/Clock for this build.
The build was very smooth with no issues or "gotchas" and biasing was straightforward.

IC1 and IC2 both call for TL062's. I only had one so I subbed a TL072 in IC2. I can't see that it would make any difference in the end result of how it sounds but I do have some coming from SBP and will pop in the correct TL062 when I get them.


Glad you like it. It's definitely a little different esp. since it has a hair more delayed signal range its contemporaries. And, the Manual control has more impact than the BF-2, IMO. Not better, just a different flavor of flanger.
I got mine from the Rocktek flanger which I still have. It sounded weak, on the other hand the Pearl one sounded very intense. So I thought what if I swap delay chips in those. And it was a 'win-win' situation. As I recall I had to change a mixing stage a bit in the Rocktek to balance out dry and wet signals but no additional changes to the Pearl.
Cool Build.
TL072 is lower noise so you could try that in the the other TL062 spot also if your getting a bit of noise.
It may not do anything, trial & decide.
I think this demo nails it. I like this box because it can do the rip like an MXR but can do the pretty stuff as well. It’s different enough to be separate from the Boss/EHX as well.