Mercurial Boost


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Getting a lot done this weekend. This is my 3rd build I finished up, 2nd report. This guy is based off the Catalinbread Varioboost. I decided to build it based on a recommendation from @peccary on another report on the forum. And I'm glad I trusted him and other forum members. Because this thing is great. I played it for 10 minutes and still feel like there is a lot of tones to unlock yet. It sounded great on its own and stacked with other drives. I'm going to add my hat in the ring and also give a glowing recommendation for this build.

For the graphic I did an homage to the original. I really like how it came out. Laser white waterslide and gloss clear coat.

And finally got to use that big knob that has been patiently waiting in my knob drawer.

Go on and build one already!


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