Not really a build report


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Just a shout out to PedalPCB for another fine fun pedal with lots of knew sounds to experiment with
The pedal?

The Organ Donor.

After finding faulty wiring on the 3PDT it fired right up. 2nd time soldering the FV-1 to a board and no problems. I just make sure I file my soldering tip almost needle sharp and it’s suprisingly easy.
Anyways just a really fun pedal that plays real well the others.

Its been a while since I’ve gotten so pumped over a pedal. Only a few hours playing with it and its friends and all I can think about is getting back to it.

And thats why if I ever free a genie I’ll wish for a 8 day week with 3 day weekends and 26 hour days. Sorry anybody who doesnt like it but thats how bad my jones is on this pedal.
So keep up the great work PedalPCB and I’ll keep on getting your awesome boards to make awesome effects.