Paludarium Platform Development


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This isn't intended for prototyping, this particular board is meant for a finished design.
Then show us the algorithm and I will stop proposing non-sense. :p

I do a bit of UX at work so you don't have to convince me that switch have their interest for interface. And phi1 exemple like for the rhytmic_dealy is a good exemple of a better fit for switches than pots.
I built a second Terrarium and have been messing with it more. Things that I think would find useful to change in the current or next-gen Terrarium would be:
- Dual row headers like on the all the official Electro-Smith Daisy products. This is useful for added extra stuff/mods or troubleshooting.
- Moving the default LED locations away from the only two DACs on the Seed. I am developing a tremolo and sending the waveforms to an oscilloscope is super useful....but when I do that with the DAC channels the default LEDs cannot be used.


@PedalPCB I stumbled on this post at the Electro-Smith forums, which could be helpful for building in a means of triggering a bootloader mode from a pedal/button(s) interaction: Might be useful to build that into the Palladium for allowing end users to aply firmware updates themselves. Only trick would be ensuring they are only flashing the software for the specific pedal/effect at hand.


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Exactly. This isn't intended to be a prototyping/development board, and not really a "one size fits all" configuration. I'm working on a design for a desktop-based development platform that will be geared towards prototyping.
I would love to have a platform for prototyping! The one provided by Electrosmith is really expensive (although that’s also more of a production ready pedal). Thank you for working on this!
I was also wondering: are we supposed to use the seed in finished products? Or will there be a more compact version that will take less space like some of the Arduino chips?


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Oh I forgot: if we want this board to be production ready, I suggest the option of analog dry through (for things like delays, chorus, flanger, reverb). Maybe it could be a breakout board with a blender pot or something? Actually that could be useful in general (with internal phase switch)... thanks again!

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Are folks currently yanking the Seed out of the enclosure, programming it, then reinserting it?
I like to program it without moving anything, and can do that with my rackmount setup except i still have to reach behind and reset.
(a) put the Seed on the top with access to the reset button and USB?
(b) figure out if reset can be done through pins and expose both USB and a reset button?
(c) if there's no electrical reset, do (b) but make a mechanical button that actually presses the reset button? :p

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I started looking to see what kind of display the Seed could use. Anybody figure anything out? I would like to use an little e-ink display.


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If you use the STLink Mini V3 you can program it in place without having to press the Reset / Boot switches.


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I don't have any midi capable pedals right now, but if this was a midi project I would definitely need to also make a midi controller! :)
Mostly I'm thinking about how many of my Euro synth frineds also use pedals in their setups and the ones that have MIDI capable delay syncing and/or program switching are super happy about it.
Personally, I'd like to give every member of one project I'm in a MIDI synced looper that we all would sync together. I could "easily" add a little daughterboard to the Terrarium/Paludarium *in theory*, as MIDI I/O only requires a single pin for each direction and there are a few unused ones available on the Daisy/Terrarium board, I think, right?
Maybe that's a better way to go about it, IDK. I have the opto-isolators ready to go so maybe I'll just add it to a terrarium I have and find out.


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It would be great if there was a seventh mix knob available. This would allow effects like chorus to have 6 controls available. (I am thinking of cloning the Cooper FX: Generation Loss on the Daisy)

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I'm using the ST Mini now, it is much more convenient, no unscrewing and rescrewing things. You can get one from Electrosmith's site.

So i'll ask for a small port for JTAG!

But then again, considering what's been said about having what is essentially a devkit, it makes one want to concoct one from available resources. Damn i just put in a PCB order recently!
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BTW i was eyeballing the ES8266, a WiFi board which is hot in the IoT camp these days. You can add wireless awareness to Arduino boards with it...