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I repurposed an old Disarray pedal. The Disarray is from an early batch of pedals I built after discovering PedalPCB. At first, I liked it, but after building a bunch more drives, came to realize I'd never choose it over others that cover the same ground (and it was very dark sounding). So I figured I'd pull it and reuse the enclosure, jacks, etc.

Seeing that the Pauper fits the same hole pattern as the Disarray I decided that's what would replace it. I still hold the Bluebreaker in high regard and was curious about the popularity of Prince and King of Tone.

I used bas33 diodes.

In its stock setting, it sounds pretty close to the Bluebreaker. But this of course has more options: more gain, more "lift", and different diode arrangement (adding either no or hard clipping). I like it mostly stock, but with the turbo on.

I'm not really sure what the lift does--I see it adds another cap into the filter in the feedback loop but am not hearing it make much difference (which surprises me because the value change is quite large, so maybe I have a mistake in mine).

Overall I like it. Maybe it will displace my Bluebreaker and I can reuse that enclosure (which is also sans-decoration so easy to refit). Or I can stack them for King of Tone effect.

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I set my internal pot just cracked open. I listen to the amp hiss and dial the high freq pot listening to the eq of the hiss. I find this dirt box is best in an actual live setting as its less is more character cuts through and is responsive. Its a good flavor to have. Nice work.