Peak component tester add-on


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Nothing amazing, but John reminded me to put this together, especially with the number of transistors soon to be tested.

ZIF socket, pin header, test loops, some brass standoffs, and a protoboard wafer. You can breadboard ICs using this thing via the pin headers. I looked into ZIFs for the FXCore I'll be putzing with soon, but the decent ones are pricey.

ZIF socket over mini-grabbers saves a TON of time and greatly reduces wear on the test leads.



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Look at that, you learn something new everyday.... I knew temp played a factor but I didn’t think a degree or two would make a difference. Wow and that was just 10sec or so what temp was the room?


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I put together something similar on a small breadboard. I hook up the test leads to pin headers.

I usually line up all the transistors I want to test on a separate breadboard and leave them alone for a while, then I use breadboard jumpers to connect the tester breadboard to the transistor being tested.

I'll take pictures and post them here in a bit.


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That's about what I paid for them I think.

Thanks! Done pretending I didn't make this after seeing yours hahaha!! I hate the peak's clips. Feeling like I might break part of a $125 or whatever device is the worst feeling. Where did you get the test loops?
I'll look it up and post, but I do have a bag full so I will send you some.