Pork loin bass mod


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There's a mod for the Pork Loin over on Talk Bass, but I've never seen mods for the Fat Sandwich.

The FS is also not reputed to be good with bass. IF that can be changed, it would be most appreciated.
I built a lamb chop awhile back for bass usage, but was pretty meh on it might try this mod, thanks for posting the link. From what I can tell C34 from the TB pic looks to be C26 (due to proximity to the Lm833 and it appears to be the only 1nf on the schematic*) on the Lamb Chop, can anyone confirm?
*Edit: C8 and C15 are also 1n, but are in the clean path and nowhere near the lm833
For anyone who might have a pork loin on hand or has built the lamb chop and found it meh, I have completed this mod swapping my lamb chops C26 1n with the suggested 470pf. Did it do anything, yes, subtle, but yes. A little less dark/muffled/blanketed at same settings. Did it make it magical, no, but you can’t win em all. Thanks @Feral Feline for posting the link to the mod info.