DEMO Russian Big Muff w/ Clean Blend [Bass Demo!]

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This is the Pedal PCB Muffin Fuzz built to Green Russian specs. However I designed a custom enclosure based on the Black Russian model which I feel has a better aesthetic. I translated my builder name Utility Belt FX into Russian for the design and when translated back you get Utility Belt Consequences, which I love!

I built this due to my now lifelong obsession with Muse and their guitar and bass tones. Their bass player Chris Wolstenholme is the secret weapon of the band's success and an extremely underrated and unique player and tonesmith. He runs three amps simultaneously, typically 1 clean, 1 with a black Russian big muff, and one with a Human Gear Animato (build report coming soon). The Big Muff is more synthy and fuzzy, and The Animato is more distorted and twangy; better string definition. Makes sense that they would complement each other.

I built this circuit utilizing the Guitar PCB Buff n Blend for the clean blend. Great circuit, works as advertised!

Thanks for reading and watching!


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The first one I built didn't work. I tried everything. Eventually I just started over from scratch. There's something finicky about that pcb... Evil spirits and what not.
Just hope I did not fried my transistors soldering them in... had so much trouble getting it to work in the sockets I decided to solder them. I'll agree it's finicky, after my Lithium build I felt invincible, welcome back to earth. :ROFLMAO: