Simulcast & 6-Band (Slider) EQ Builds - Gold Series


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As this weekend winds down, I've finished two more pedals in what I'm referring to as my "Gold Series". I really like the Tayda Light Gold enclosures and their drill service for this series of pedals in my build queue.

First is the PedalPCB 'Simulcast'. Just the straight-up build with no mods. Got to use one of the genuine Mullard OC71 Ge BJTs I had squirreled away. And BANG! . . . . right out of the gate this thing jumped to life with a pleasant range of tones and dirt control.

Simulcast_Front_1_Done.jpg Simulcast_Front_2_Done.jpg Simulcast_Gutshot_Done.jpg Simulcast_PCB_Close-Up.jpg

The second is the PedalPCB '6-Band EQ' (slider version). This build requires some patience and good measuring skills to get everything to line up correctly. I modified some of the band frequencies to suit my liking.

I altered some of the resistor/capacitor value combinations to alter each band as follows:
Pot #1: 60 Hz (was 100 Hz)
Pot #2; 156 Hz (was 200 Hz)
Pot #3: 272 Hz (was 400 Hz)
Pot #4: 1.86K Hz (was 800 Hz)
Pot #5: 6K Hz (was 1.6K Hz)
Pot #6: 13K Hz (was 3.2K Hz)

6-Band_EQ_Done.jpg 6-Band_EQ_Gutshot_Done.jpg 6-Band_EQ_Guts_Jack_Details.jpg

For those interested, I've attached a modified build doc showing what components & values to change. This build doc is a blend of both the slider and pot versions of the 6-Band EQ. And you can use the AMZFX (Muzique) Gyrator Calculator to calculate your own band-pass values.

And here's a shot of three out of the 7 total builds in my "Gold Series".


Just 4 more to go . . . a 'Twin Face', 'Binaura', Brian Thornock's 'Daredevil Flanger' and a 'HAARP'.

After this series the plan is to build a 3-way combo with a 'HAARP', 'Dipthonizer' (MadBean 'Honey Dripper') and a Parasit 'Theremin Fuzz' all in a 1590DD enclosure. Still have to decide what order they will be in or if I'll go nutz and add order switching. But all that will come later.

Thanks for looking and Happy Building!


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