Snow White Ottawa, yet another auto wah, tasty and versatile. PPCB Poison Apple


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I've built 6 other auto-wahs, but I heard such good things about the Mad Prof. version, I had to give it a try. Why not? I'm apparently in the build-every-autowah club now.

I like the ability to turn down the resonance to avoid being scalped by the squawk. You could use this in subtle mode, almost as an "always on" texture for rhythm guitar, with just some subtle frequency shifts on strummed parts.

The decay pot does almost nothing. But other than that, I'd recommend this one if you already have roaring quack machines and want one that can be tamed.


Oblig. gut shot:

PCB by Robert.
Printing by Tayda.
Graphic by searching "snow white" on other people's Midjourney queries. I'm not the perv; they are.
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The decay pot does almost nothing.

Heads up, if you, like me, purchased a board before Nov. 12, 2023. The build documentation was updated: the depth pot is now a 1MC pot rather than a 100kB pot. Easy swap.

It still barely does anything, but at least you can hear a difference between 0 and 10 with the 1M pot.
Decay only affects the initial gate of the picked attack. The portal closing effect on a long, sustained strum remains unchanged.

Having played with it more (and after correcting the decay pot,) I like the subtle interplay between knobs. The sensitivity knob setting makes a bigger difference than most other auto-wahs. You'll want to adjust it depending on where you're playing on the neck.

If you like auto-wahs, I'd recommend it.
It's basic-bitch-dad-humor. I should be flogged.
Twas/is what I'm calling mine, but minus the Snow White reference (unless you count the graphic of the Parliament in Winter).


Or maybe I'll use the coat of arms:


Or an acid etch of the older COA (but change "City" to "Circuit").


Anyway... I loved the graphic you chose!