Stupid delay challenge


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Hey best pedal builders the www has to offer!

I got a request by a guy for a build today and even though I’m definitely gonna say ’’no, it’s too complicated for me’’, I’m wondering if it can even be done. And in that case how.
here’s what he wants: A dual bucketbrigade based delaypedal with tap tempo. Not only that, but when you tap, the second pedal is to be in half tempo of what you are tapping. Too me this sounds like a need you’d get a strymon or eventide to accomplish, but the dude insists on bucketbrigade.

Anyone know if this is even plausable?


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Sounds way too complicated for DIY. A taptation circuit can be added to a PT2399 type digital delay but doing what you describe to a genuine analog circuit is most likely too difficult.

I have never built a terrarium so I’m not sure if the daisy seed platform (or two together) could achieve what you want as a digital solution.


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Definitely one for the real EE's here to sort out, my brain hurts just thinking about it!

Chuck D. Bones

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It's doable, but you need to code a microcontroller to sense the switch press times and make the right clock frequencies. Not a simple task.