This really is a resistor (warning SMD content)


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On the rare occasion that I try SMD work it always amazes me how tiny the parts are. Im sure this is old hat for many of you, but this is a 0603 resistor (actually not that hard to solder with normal tools).

I'm hoping to do more SMD, so let me know if you know of any interesting projects!



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I have no comment because I get my SMD boards assembled by people with the proper machinery. :D
Ha. I don't blame you, but I kind of like doing it. I have a hot air station, but just use my regular iron with a fine tip. Just some flux, tweezers and a dab of solder here and there and it's pretty quick (no leads to cut and send flying everywhere either).

I just designed and ordered a simple circuit board that uses a mix of both through-hole and SMD, but the SMD are one size bigger (0805), so it's a bit easier.


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If I had a hot air station I might consider it. I use 0402 a lot though unfortunately hahah

I have a hot air station but I really don't use it to solder components. It only gets used for three tasks...

Desoldering SMD ICs (when I want to salvage them)
Heat shrink tubing

I use my regular soldering iron for pretty much all SMD work.

You have to be careful using hot air for SMD components, you'll blow em across the room. ?


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Yeah, I was a bit disappointed at how little I've been using the hot air station, but my heat shrink game is on point now!

There was a time I was about to dive into DIY modular synth builds, which would necessitate more SMD, but I've been able to resist the temptation so far.