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I am on a mission to build most variants of Tonebenders. The have a glorious sound and bite to the tone. This latest pedal "may" be my favorite. If I had to build one Tonebender, I would suggest this circuit. The controls have the flexibility for the player to optimize his/her Tonebender sound. I understand that some persons do not like the added controls to tweak, but I can really see the use for this set of controls, especially the impedance and bias. The MK switch is also nice to switch between that two transistor sound vs the traditional 3 transistor tonebender. I was watching "Shogun" while making the pedal, so the art is inspired from an Asian theme.

IMG_6115.jpg IMG_6117.jpg

Looks great! Really dig the “Shogun” vibe of the artwork, looks very classy and minimalist. How’d you get it on the enclosure?

Would be curious what transistors you used and approx Hfe’s if you still remember. I just built one and am still in the process of swapping transistors to see what I like the best.
@Had2Much2Think, thanks for the kind words. For the enclosure, I used Adobe Illustrator to arrange and create the art. If you haven’t done the UV art and are interested, @Fingolfen did a nice tutorial for Adobe and pedal art that can be found in the General question section. Once created, I had Tayda do the enclosure UV printing. If desired, I would be happy to share the art file.

As for the transistors, I got a “tonebender” set from SynthCube. I don’t enjoy testing and pairing transistors, so the set works well for me and helps ensure a fantastic sounding pedal. If you ever go that route, compare the price for the set on the SmallBear site to the SynthCube site. Even though the websites are the same company, I found the set about $10 cheaper via the Sythcube site. It was about ~$25, and I didn’t think that was terrible price for the transistors and labor to pair the transistors.
Looking good! I was inspired to call my Sushi Box King Nothing (a Kingsley Harlot) the Courtesan from watching Shogun.

I am currently finishing up my Two Tone, what are the specs of the transistors you used?