Wiring a 3 way toggle into the pedal pcb clone


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can anyone help me decipher the wiring diagram of a three-way toggle in the pedal PCB king of tone?

I’m basically just trying to figure out which wires go where for the toggle.

In my head it’s as simple as connecting an on off on toggle to the back of my 4 way dip switch so that the toggle basically overrides the dip switches when dips are set to off. I’m not sure if this is even close to accurate or not…but I’m basically just trying to learned how to wire this correctly. My build is done and I’m adding this “mod” after the fact. Again in my head it seems as it would be simple.

Anyone have a diagram for this or can anyone walk me through what gets soldered where?

Thank you in advance for any assistance!
Are you planning to desolder the dipswitch or just try to over-ride it?

I think having two switches wired to one set of PCB pads is going to create a big headache, so I'd recommend desoldering the dipswitch.

Then I'd add two separate ON-ON DPDT toggle-switches, one for each side of the overall 2-in-1 circuit.

You could wire up ON-OFF-ON DPDT switches to make each circuit able to have no clipping...