Yet another Colorsound Power Booster


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I think I'm finally done building these. At least that's what I'm telling myself! I've built way too many versions of this circuit now. Most recently, PedalPCB's Powersound Overdrive. And before that: first was the Aion Nucleus, then the Madbean Meatqlaw, and a PB clone on my own PCB.

Here is an updated version of my own PCB. The previous PCB I made for this circuit used a latching relay (basically PedalPCB's basic relay bypass circuit). I've since made my own mcu-based relay bypass design. So this updated PCB uses that.

The previous version of course worked just fine. But being somewhat neurotic, it bothered me that the non-latching relay plus ne555 uses so much current, versus the actual effect using so little. (And I don't even use batteries!)

The other thing I wanted to do was try to make the actual layout a little neater, borrowing inspiration from @Robert's aesthetic. I think it looks decent, though not quite up to PPCB standards. I did "cheat" and use a 4-layer board though.

I made this board with PPCB-style IO at the bottom, so the builder could opt to leave out the relay bypass circuit and use a 3pdt footswitch. I wasn't sure how much room I had left in the enclosure, so I offset it to one side. Looks like that was unnecessary!

If you're wondering why C11 isn't populated, that's the same as C11 on Aion's Nucleus. But none of the other CS PB/OD schematics I looked at have that capacitor. So I included it on the board, but left it as optional.

Fired up on the first power-on. Sounds more or less just like all the others I've built.


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I haven’t done a powerboost yet. The relay or bypass option on the board is neat. I was wondering what the box in the top right was for a second.