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    Electrovibe breakout boards

    There are several Electrovibe threads here. You should be able to find the post where someone traced the connections. I think it's the thread that collects all the mods that have been discussed.
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    Battery power supply

    Thanks. I suppose those are standard M3 threads.
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    Battery power supply

    What size standoffs did you use?
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    Turning a Starboard (Fuzzrite) Depth pot into a toggle switch

    Or maybe a 510K resistor since it's closer to 500?
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    Turning a Starboard (Fuzzrite) Depth pot into a toggle switch

    Brilliant, thank you! I knew it was something like that but I couldn't figure it out.
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    Turning a Starboard (Fuzzrite) Depth pot into a toggle switch

    I've been breadboarding this fuzz and the Depth knob (really a blend between the two amplification stages) is only useful in the two extreme positions for me. In the middle it's quieter and neither fish nor flesh. How do I replace it with a toggle switch? Here's the schematic:
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    Tayda Electronics - shipping

    I would just buy the LEDs locally. I wouldn't risk more fees for a couple of LEDs.
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    What to do with these tubes?

    First of all this is perfectly normal behavior, @peccary :) I think @vigilante398 might be able to make suggestions.
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    Good job. The Fuzzrite is on one of my bread boards now but I haven't hooked up the volume knob. IIRC it was pretty loud wired straight to output, which means it's a great candidate for a one knob fuzz. I have to mess with the caps however because it's unbelievably bright and thin. I increased...
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    One Loop Switcher - Momentary & Latching with one footswitch

    I finally got two TQL-2-5V relays for the Intelligent Bypass. I suppose I should socket them, right?
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    Missing notifications?

    Had the same issue. I checked my settings and I had to enable watching threads that I commented on. I think that was automatic before.
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    What's your favorite Fuzz Face build?

    Thank you for the thorough answer!
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    Sunflower Fuzz Mods

    I also can't imagine needing more volume from a Fuzz Face. The kast bit of sweep just adds a ton of hiss. I always set it to be at unity when my guitar is rolled back to completely clean (which requires the Fuzz knob to be rolled back a bit on both Si and Ge).
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    Pedal popping fixes??

    Yes looks like that's what it does