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    Panspermia.. anyone build one of these? Sustain control issue

    Have you tried a Jaguar?…
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    High leakage Ge (>500μA) uses

    MK1 Tone Bender, though you’d need at least one that’s a fair deal lower…maybe two.
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    [Contest] Germania

    89 hfe, leakage: .99mA
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    How does this circuit clip?

    LM386 op-amps…amplify the signal. The diode in that circuit is to protect the circuit from a positive voltage (like connecting a 9v battery backwards).
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    What Strings, yes, a STRINGS thread!

    LaBella "Bender's" 46-09, and LaBella Jazz Flats, 11's on my Jazzmaster. I like LaBella strings. I'm trying to get an endorsement...
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    Partner ship with pedalpcb

    But if you sell too many, you make wake up to find a horse head in your bed...or all your solder melted into a ball...
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    SOLVED Marigold Fuzz Noise but no signal (bypass works)

    Not only have I done that before, I did that while at the same time neglecting to connect the power supply...
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    Muffin Fuzz- triangle BOM question

    I built the triangle. It sounds dead on.
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    Percolator Mod…

    Update again: I modded my mod. I realized that what I thought was happening wasn’t happening. So, I redesigned it. I now have two switches (SPDT on/on). I have each diode hooked up to a switch. I can now have both diodes on (spec), D1 only, D2 only, or no diodes. I socketed everything, so...
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    Percolator Mod…

    A thought. The way I have it set up now, the center lug is coming from the D1 anode pad. So when I switch to D2, I am in fact not getting D2, since the input is coming from D1, and not from D2, and this, does not follow the 4k7. In order to do this mod the way I would want, I believe I would...
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    What plectrum does everyone use?

    Dunlop Tortex Sharp...the yellow ones (.73mm). Robert Fripp recommended them for those looking for the Guitar Craft picks...
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    Percolator Mod…

    Update: I’m still running the pedal through its paces. D2 engaged and no diodes are definitely good settings (and different). However, D1 engaged is similar to no diode. There is a difference, but it is very subtle. No diode is more of a crunchy fuzz distortion, D1 engaged is that, plus a bit of...
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    Looking for Flux Pen Recommendations

    I have toyed with the idea of looking into a flux pen…but 15 years ago I bought a tub of it at Radio Shack, and I still have about half left. I use a toothpick to apply…
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    Now Playing... What are you Listening to Right Now?

    Bricksnbeatles, Dali, and Feral Feline got me into Zappa, so i’ve been listening to that. I especially like Philly ‘76, which I listened to a few times today…