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    Super Heterodyne Receiver

    Do you hear ticking when the oscillator knob is turned up and everything is quiet? A while back there was someone else complaining about the same thing: I've been reading Chuck's posts related to LFOs and...
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    SOLVED Switches too tall?

    I was just putting one of these together it was really close, but I was able to get the nuts to just catch on the rotary switches and tighten up enough to be good. I bought the rotary switches from pedalpcb and the toggles were from Tayda and Smallbear. Everything was mounted flush to the...
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    Recommend some NPN Ge transistors

    I picked up some MP38As recently as well. Robert
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    Loafing Lounge

    Any easy thing to try while you still have that on a breadboard is to swap out the input section with the ROG Fetzer Valve. You then end to with the Fetzer-Ruby, which you can Google plenty of examples of. The Noisy Cricket is another easy amp to...
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    My eBay GE transistor experience

    I don't want to derail this into a thread about beer, because I can talk about Lambic/Gueuze and beer in general like Chuck D. Bones talks about pedals 😜 I've made several trips to Belgium and always go with two suitcases inside each other and then I fill them both with 50lbs of beer and bring...
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    My eBay GE transistor experience

    Yup, in the US and no problems. Tracking was a black hole for a few weeks, but once it was received in the US it was cleared right away. Now if you want to talk about what can happen with US customs when shipping beer from Belgiam that's a different story. Pro-tip us DHL.
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    My eBay GE transistor experience

    This isn't necessarily an endorsement, just sharing my experience. I picked up a some MP38A and P28 transistors from this ebay seller: I grabbed 20 of each (The listing quantities...
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    Clear coat in cold and humid environments

    I used this on my first few pedals. Several coats certainly makes a nice durable finish, but I hated dealing with drips and brush strokes. They all look fine, but if I look at them closely it tickles my anal retentiveness.
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    Seamonk glitches depending upon guitar signal level

    I think the next plan is to start checking around the coupling caps before and after the problem starts to see if I can find suspect DC leakage. But I also might just be throwing out random words that I've read without really knowing what I'm doing.
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    Seamonk glitches depending upon guitar signal level

    Maybe this is a good excuse for me to pickup a scope of some kind. I'll tell my wife that you said I needed one :) This is an interesting thought, but I'm not sure if that fits the symptoms. The stuttering tone continue even after guitar is silent. I was also able to accidentally create the...
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    Seamonk glitches depending upon guitar signal level

    Thanks for the response. Resistor values are good. I double checked them all back when I first built it because of a different problem. At this point I suppose there is a practical solution to the problem (just rollback a knob or two a tiny bit), but for learning purposes I'm interested in...
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    Seamonk glitches depending upon guitar signal level

    Thanks for giving it a look. I hit all the pots again and even gave them a little extra from the bottom side. I'm still of the impression that it has something to do with how DC is introduced into the signal path, but I don't know enough to know how the level from my guitar could play into...
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    Seamonk glitches depending upon guitar signal level

    So revisiting my own question. A couple updates. I've attached a new result of using an audio probe. Not sure what changed or if I was just doing something stupid before, but it seems like I've found the spot where the last bit of clean signal is (once I trigger the problem). My prior...
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    Seamonk glitches depending upon guitar signal level

    I'm doing my best to avoid all the meme worthy troubleshooting behaviors with this one :) In my SeaMonk Build Report thread I noted an minor issue that I wasn't quite sure about. I decide to revisit it to see if I could resolve it or at least understand why it's happening. Here's the scenario...
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    SOLVED SOLVED - Fuzzy Fox - Low Volume and Hissing

    Did you check those diodes with a tester or DMM to make sure they are oriented correctly? I have some D9Ks that look that and the cathode end is not the side with the red stripe. There's a good chance all of those are backwards.