6 Band EQ w/ Random Number Generator perf

I was experimenting on this for a friend and the goal was to make a 6 band eq that could have this Octave be sent first in the chain via toggle switch.
I tried a bunch of different routing and unable to find any diagrams online.
Im also not entirely sure i need to be using a dpdt switch to archive this or not.
Here is a photo of the perf effect im adding to the 6 Band eq board that i bought from pedalpcb:
You can use a DPDT for this, or if you want LED in addition to the toggle use a 3PDT:


Let's say you do NOT want the LED, so ignore the third column of lugs above, pretend it's a DPDT, numbered like this:
1 4
2 5
3 6

Wire up your master 3PDT however you like, but its output will go to the above diagram's ...

ahhh easier to just do a diagram...


As above, circuit A is the RNG and is bypassed or feeds Circuit B, which is your 6-band EQ.
Don't forget that the bat of the toggle will be upside down if you wanted the toggle up for on, and down for off, ie spin it 180º to what is in my diagram.
As if this wasn’t a dumb question already, but I’ve added a Simple Clean blend to the Octave pedal so that when the switch is engaged for it, the person can blend it into the mix.
I’ve tried send/return In/out with octave effect but once either the Volume on the blend or Octacve is at 0, I get NO signal.
Any thoughts?