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Anyone know the turn around time for orders lately for Tayda?


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I placed an order on Monday. Used the DHL express option and got it today. I guess living on the West coast does have its advantages sometimes. The only concern I have is that it came from Thailand, through Hong Kong and Los Angeles to get here to just outside of Olympia, Wa. I was expecting it to be a little bit longer.
I used to live in oly! are you in yelm or something?


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I once had to wait at Denver airport while our plane got de-iced... I'd love to see just a little more of Colorado one day.

Joben Magooch

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Hey all, sorry to bump an old-ish thread but was looking to make an order here shortly - anyone have a more recent update for how Tayda's shipping is doing currently? Thanks!!


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Crazy fast, especially considering they're coming from Thailand. I don't know how DHL does it. And for that matter, I'm surprised DHL isn't more common here in the States.


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I just wish I didn’t get nailed with 40+ dollars in brokerage and customs fees when I order 50 dollars worth of parts and use DHL. It’s really only a last resort for me.


I choose the USPS delivery option. DHL misdelivered/lost both Tayda packages I attempted through them. Had to have them reshipped via USPS. In my area (twin cities minnesota) DHL has very little infrastructure and residential experience.


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Strange but USPS wasn't an option when I ordered this time. DHL or UPS.

And of course, just like the past few orders, I forgot 8pin sockets... I've been cutting up strips for a month now.