Circuit Block - Booster - Super Hard On (SHO)

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Circuit Block - Booster - Super Hard On (SHO) - Second Stage+ Clean Boost

The Super Hard On (SHO) Booster. A neat little circuit snippet with TONS of boost on tap. The main differentiator in this circuit is that it uses a MOSFET instead of the usual BJTs or JFETs to amplify the signal. MOSFETs are finicky creatures in that they are very susceptible to static electricity damage. If you were to google a SHO schematic you will see zener diodes being used to help protect the MOSFET here. This is assuming that the first circuit block being used is a SHO. It should be...

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First of all I want to say this is probably one of the best if you could even say that anything's "transparent" (according to Brian Wampler) this would be it!!! It will drive a tube amp to distortion easily! It is pretty stinkin sweet! I built the Tayda version and I've been meaning to breadboard it and screw around with the circuit and I saw this post and was like wow this is so cool I'm going to build this one integrate the two together and do some more R+D! I don't think people realize how good this booster really is, if you haven't tried it you absolutely need to!

I will say I've never tried it with any digital amps \ models (I was a little afraid it may be too much boost for my Helix and would not want to mess it up any)... I also have an 11 rack and a Valeton GP200 and one way back from the early '90s an ART SGX 2000 Express... I also have a Marshall MA50h a Fender Blues Deville 1993 model and a Vox AC10-1C which I bought all of these just to test pedals. Even though I have the Helix and have everything I pretty much could possibly want with it, I really love building stuff!