Does Arduino use C++?


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Hello everyone,
For engineering learners, Proteus and Arduino are two familiar applications. Two powerful applications make it possible to simulate electronic circuits from which real circuits can be built. Arduino uses C programming language, do not know C ++ is used in Arduino? Hope everyone can let me know.
Thanks everyone.
When I messed with arduino 15 or so years ago, it was all straight C. I think there wasn't space for the OOP libraries. I assume things have advanced somewhat since then....
According to the docs, it’s C++, but I suspect it’s going to be a subset of features and/or libraries. Dive into the docs to find out more.
It is a C++ subset. It's not "100% unbridled C++", if that makes sense? Like you couldn't port Doom to an Arduino board with exact compilers etc and it work, because, stripped baby! haha sorry I am late to the game.