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Easy open enclosures?


Active member
Hey all,

I dunno about y'all, but the worst part about discovering a problem with a circuit after putting it into the enclosure is having to unsolder the %$#@& power jack. I've even thought about trying to use clips or something to easily release from the power jack.

Anyway, I noticed on this pedal the builder used a case that easily releases all the jacks:

I imagine that PCB-mounted power jack puts strain on the board when you plug in, but are cases like this a good idea?

(Though this is the only enclosure I've ever seen like this, so maybe a moot point anyway.)


Well-known member
Sometimes I box one with the plan to water slide it later. In these situations I just snip the wire on the dc jack and throw the jack out... not worth the 15 cents or so to me to de-solder the leads. I leave the red and black wires a bit long anyway, some builders who keep it super tight and clean might not like that.

also, I personally always test the circuit outside of the box first.


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I just stick the + & - wire through the Power Jack Hole & attach a 9v Battery Clip & Sticky Tape if I want to Test it.
The circuit in the Enclosure is the best option to cut out Interference.


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There always the 9v adapters that have the screw on the inside so that you don’t have to solder it. It all slides through the nut itself.